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The Joy of Literary Midwifery
7/11/2018 2:26:00 PM by: Leona Choy


One of my most satisfying experiences has been to assist others in leaving a legacy of their lives to their families and friends. To date, I've helped more than a dozen friends not only to think about doing that and firing them up to start writing and follow through to publication.

They've told me that it's something like gestating a baby from conception to delivery—it does take struggle, sometimes pain, overcoming obstacles, intense work, prayer, patience and always a long block of time. But difficulties are forgotten in the thrill of holding their finished book-baby in their hands!

Most of those happy campers who successfully published their life story are not writers in any professional sense. They simply write in a home-style, informal way what they want to say to their families as a historical record, heritage keepsake and as a witness to their faith. They finance their own production and printing. There is no thought about making money selling their book because it turns out that they generously give away most of the copies as their Christian witness. It's not a heavy financial burden since their press run for a first printing is often only about a hundred copies. If the demand becomes greater, reprints take only a few weeks.

I published a book THIS IS YOUR LIFE! WRITE IT! Leave Legacy Footprints to walk you through the entire process of writing your story from idea to where and how or if to publish it. Or even to simply duplicate copies. Order through the BOOKSTORE on this site.

Pictured below is a book I had the joy of helping during its “pregnancy.” It's loaded with family photos! The author is my childhood friend, Sue, now both of us are great-grandmothers. This was her first book and released on her 90th birthday. You can do it too! Sue is multi-gifted: she is also an artist, musician, and poet. To inspire you to write your story, I quote from Sue’s introduction:

“Today as I looked out of my bedroom window, I saw a small lacy Japanese Maple leaf clinging tenaciously to a thin branch moving in the breeze. It is late winter. The deciduous trees have long shed their leaves. I saw small bulges in the branches indicating where new growth is waiting to sprout to take their place. Much like a relay runner, it is waiting to pass the little “baton” on to another. But this little weathered leaf was the only one to remain on the tree outside my window. I kept watching it swing back and forth, still clinging to its life from the limb. Very soon, it too will slip away as did other leaves. It's just not time yet.

“As I watched it swing in the breeze, tears started rolling down my cheek. “Hang on there, little leaf,” I kept telling it. “Please don't give up yet.” Once strong, deep red, and beautiful, it was now showing its age and beginning to get smaller. It reminded me of old age—this “late winter” stage of life that I was now experiencing.

“Old age is like that. Once we were strong, physically attractive, and vibrant, exciting! But gradually the sap in our energy starts giving out, and we begin losing the strength and energy that once was ours.

“As I looked out the window I saw that other “leaves” had long departed, much like other dear friends and loved ones whom I have known. Gradually, one by one, they slipped away, giving way to the next generation to take their place. Now they were gone. New life began for them.

“This morning I too saw myself much like that single leaf, still attached to the living branch, and tenaciously hanging on. I love life! I love living! I long for that vibrancy and energy of what I once did and felt. It hurts to grow old. It's hard to keep clinging, but I'm still hanging on the branch. Maybe, however, it is the Branch that is holding on to me. “It” is my Source of Life. Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is my Branch. He alone is my “All sufficient strength”--my El Shaddai. Only He will know the right time to bid me, “Come Home, little leaf.” Only then will I fly away! Until then I will cling to the promise He has made: “My grace is sufficient for Thee; My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”

“But look! Those little tiny nubs of promise are already forming on those winter branches. Soon there will be new life coming in the springtime of resurrection. God promises hope and life everlasting to all who claim Him as Savior and Lord. The best is yet to come!”

I love being the virtual “literary midwife” in the writing reproduction experience of inspiring my friends to release their own writing gift. I joyfully showcase their writings to bless others!

A “Butterfly Shout-out” to Wilaura Sue Bradshaw

for the birth of her legacy book, Winter Leaf!







Wilaura Sue Skien Br From Oregon At 7/12/2018 10:07:55 PM

I will be forever (and I DO mean FOREVER) grateful for inspiring me to write my book, Winter Leaf. You have been a wonderful friend for many decades, going back to our high school days in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I shall always be thankful for YOU, Leona! At the age of almost 92, I say: You are never t

Reply by: Leona Choy

Let's continue our fellowship in Jesus' Father's House, as He calls it, perhaps at some STARDUST CAFE for coffee and ANGELFOOD cake together. You are always on my heart and in my prayers as we both Journey HOME.

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