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7/1/2022 9:03:00 PM BY Leona Choy

Disguised as a child's story, the folk tale by Hans Christian Anderson, THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, poked serious fun in 1837 at their Danish tyrant ruler—a deceiver in his day. The people of Denmark immediately understood the political analogy. Let's take a look at America in 2022. Might we be suffering under our own version of a ruling rogue? What are the “new clothes” that “we the people” are being told we must wear at such a high cost?

History repeats itself. I don't need to name names or spell out details. I'm sure that the viewers of my website posts are at least as smart as the Danish public back in their day. Can you see parallels to what is happening “from sea to shining sea” to our beloved Constitutional Republic?

Let me refresh your memory with a condensed “Readers' Digest” storyline:

“Once upon a time, there was an Emperor who was obsessed with acquiring fancy new clothes. [Perhaps they didn't have ice cream back then to tantalize his taste buds, so he preferred to dress for success instead] His only interest was going to the theater or riding about in his carriage where he could show off his new clothes [in America's case, the socialist apparel that's being foisted on us.]

Many Emperors spend their days talking to advisers and fixing problems of the land to benefit their people—but not this one! [nor does ours today.] He was too busy sending out his servants to find the next great outfit to wear. [I don't think mandates were issued back then either. Nor did they “cancel” people verbally. The Emperor simply gave an order and a dissenter's head was chopped off.]

[But I digress. I promised to let you use your own imagination to compare the storyline to the deception going on in America the Beautiful today.]

One day, two strangers, actually crooks, came to town claiming they were weavers. They said the cloth they wove was the finest anyone would ever see, more beautiful than any other material because it was magic. It could not be seen by just anyone—only people who were smart could see the cloth.

The Emperor thought, “I'm obviously the smartest. I don't need to worry about that silly magic.”

So the Emperor went to see the two weavers who eagerly showed him what they said were piles of fine cloth. He saw nothing at all but would not admit it.

The Emperor’s grand annual Parade was coming up soon when everyone in the kingdom lined the streets to admire the Emperor and cheer him on as he walked by. He hired the fake weavers to make him the finest royal outfit and cape ever and he paid many extra gold coins for the work to be ready in time. They pretended to be working all night. On the day of the parade, the Emperor was asked to try on his new clothes but the deceptive weavers told him that his new clothes would be so light and airy that he would feel as if he had nothing on at all. He looked in the mirror and saw in the reflection that he was wearing nothing but attributed it to the magic cloth.

At the Parade, the Emperor strutted around walking tall and proud. Each person who saw him go by thought, “I can't believe what I'm seeing! The Emperor is naked!” But each person said nothing. Instead, they cheered, “There goes the Emperor! [Hail to the Chief!] Doesn’t he look fine!”

Suddenly, one little boy called out, “Look! The Emperor has no clothes!”  Everyone gasped. Then someone laughed. Then more and more people started to laugh. Soon everyone was calling out and laughing.

“Oh dear!” thought the Emperor. “Now everyone knows I could not really see the cloth! They will know I didn’t speak up because I was afraid of what people would think of me. What will they think of me now?” But the show must go on, as they say. The Emperor continued to walk naked, exposed. And the servants behind him [those of his own party who kept up the charade] continued to hold high the cape behind him—the cape that wasn’t there.


Aren't the contemporary lessons of this story obvious? Nevertheless, let's exchange a few of our discoveries. Seriously now. Do we let pride or self-interest keep us from speaking up when we know the truth? Are people afraid to criticize or oppose something or someone because everyone else seems to think it's good or important? Why should we fear being “cancelled” or even ridiculed, or persecuted for righteousness' sake?

Do the followers [staff and appointees to various positions] of our authority political figure go along with hiding his nakedness [or ineptness] because they don't wish to appear foolish or incompetent? Or for fear of losing the fringe benefits of their positions? People who crowd around those in government leadership are easily tempted by the lavish benefits of their offices.

Ordinary folks loyally follow a leader who generously shares with them a regular financial stipend to keep them temporarily quiet. Don't we realize that it is simply a bribe to muffle our opposing voices? The allure of fringe benefits is a siren call for those holding hidden positions behind the leader, even when they know he is wrong. A leader himself/herself [forget the new pronoun war!] can be tempted to misuse state money on personal indulgences or to seek to line their pockets elsewhere.

Conformity and obedience to existing authority are the words on the streets, along with forbidding any dissent from accepting the “new style of government clothes” that our esteemed leader is trying to impose upon us. Shame on us “townsfolk” who go along with the pretense, not wanting to appear stupid or contrary! Going with the flow may be the easiest way to get along but in the end, it will be most costly.

At the original end of the story, the Emperor's stupidity and fraud are exposed and everyone looks stupid. Is that the way we want the American story to end? Can we, as a formerly proud and patriotic, and prosperous nation, afford to have that kind of sullied image in the global community? We may pay dearly if we indeed lose our national sovereignty. The swindlers, the impostors, take advantage of us and happily run off with our gold. We who were deceived are left with tarnished gold, or rather no gold at all, only a national debt far beyond imagining. That is the real cost of “the Emperor's new clothes” that he has tried to convince us to wear in exchange for our still praiseworthy Constitution garment.

Pride prevented the Emperor from admitting that he was duped by the pretenders because that would make him seem more stupid than he already appeared. Humiliation was his reward. Should pride matter more than the truth of our own eyes? Pride goes before a fall.

It took the innocence and boldness of a child to blurt out and reveal the chicanery that everyone else knew was obvious. Even the literal naked embarrassment of the Emperor did not stop the parade as he attempted to save face. How long will it take before “we the people” will rise up as boldly as a real child who had nothing to lose?

We, the citizens of the United States, do have everything to lose. Isn't it time to stop meekly going along with the deception that will crash and burn our beloved nation? This is no longer child's play or a laughing matter. America, don't allow yourself to be victimized. Stand up courageously for the truth, and hold on to your freedoms.

Let’s not drag our feet—time is not in our favor. The Emperor is still parading around, but let's call it what it is—he is naked!