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"My heart overflows with a good theme;
I address my verses to the King;
my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."
~ Psalm 45:1


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Slow Boat To China




8/5/2022 11:03:00 AM BY Leona Choy

I felt transported backward in time. The venue was Prague, the Czech Republic. The occasion was a “Best of Mozart and Strauss” concert combined with the Praha Ballet and singers of international fame. We had prime balcony reserved seating.

The members of the Prague Symphony orchestra and the ballet dancers performed in colorful original costumes and wigs of the eighteenth century, the baroque tradition of Mozart’s glamorous time during his long sojourn in Prague. After the intermission, the conductor, orchestra members, soloists, and ballet performers returned for bows with a change of attire—contemporary black tie and formal wear.

I watched the performance intently. Each instrumentalist had to qualify after much practice and discipline for the honor of being part of the famous symphony. From among those who auditioned, the conductor chose whom he wanted irrespective of their youth or mature age. Each was given his or her musical score and practiced alone for long hours before coming together for rehearsal. Before playing, everyone had to synchronize his instrument to the same note to play in tune. From that time on, each participant had to subordinate his part for the good of the whole orchestra. A symphony must have perfect harmony.

Because the conductor knows every part himself and has perfect pitch, he can identify each player’s sound although the entire group is playing. He points to one and then another to come in or become prominent just at the right time. The conductor signals for crescendo or pianissimo. He may point to several to play their parts together as an ensemble. Sometimes he signals for one instrument to play a solo part. He controls the tempo.

During an intermission, the conductor may correct one or another instrumentalist who may not have been following the score perfectly or who is out of tune. The conductor expresses his wishes with a baton, also with his hand, his body language, and facial expressions. Each instrumentalist must focus intently on the conductor while keeping a trained eye on the music score in front of them.

In a life analogy, God, the Conductor, not only knows the entire music score, but He composed it for every instrument, vocal part, and ballet dancer (every one of His children through the ages who has been redeemed by the blood of His Son). God is intimately and meticulously orchestrating history from the first raising of His baton before Genesis and creation, even “before the foundation of the world,” to the last note of the Finale in the panorama of Revelation.

I am one of His chosen performers in this generation, this segment of history, as is each created human child of God. My Chronos time on earth is not yet the main performance but rehearsal time. Earth life is an imperfect, learning, practice time when I might make mistakes or play out of tune with God’s Score. If I take my eyes off the Conductor, I am apt to lose the correct tempo or come in at the wrong time. If I am attentive, I can still correct my life course under His guidance and play in harmony with His will.

Conductor God lets me know when He wants me to become prominent, to crescendo, or when I should subdue my part and play pianissimo, or play as part of an ensemble, or a solo part. I am one of many in His plan as He controls the tempo of history that moves on toward the culmination of time. I must not lose sight of the fact that I am not to be constantly in the spotlight as a soloist, but as one part of His Body, the Church, as it gets tuned up in preparation for the Grand Finale.

I watched as the ballet dancers performed their actions in sync with the precise tempo of the orchestra. It was one unified whole, smooth and cadenced, all personal agendas aside. Each dancer too kept his eyes on the conductor. When dancers or soloists completed their parts, they bowed and acknowledged the conductor. He in turn acknowledged them and turned to acknowledge the entire orchestra whose members had followed his wishes.

As an individual believer, part of the Body of Christ, I don't dance to my own tempo; as a soloist, I don’t improvise my own musical score. I must keep my eyes focused on the Conductor and “in all my ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct my paths.” My advanced age is no excuse for forgetting where I am in the score or failing to turn the page after I have played my part. In my ninth decade, I have had ample time for rehearsal. The Conductor is expecting me to continue to follow His lead and keep my eye focused on Him.

I am invigorated by my audience, by “so great a cloud of witnesses” in Heaven and on earth, who cheer me on and applaud my efforts to stay in harmony with God's perfect Score. What an honor to perform under the Great Conductor's direction!


Will the last score of the song of my earthly life

be in a major key like a majestic symphony?

I'd like that, Lord: to crescendo fortissimo

with a sustained final note

followed by thunderous applause

maybe an encore or two and a standing ovation

to climax my performance with glorious elation!


Or have You chosen for me a simple closing melody

in a minor key, not melancholy

but plaintive and gentle, generous with rests

and then closing pianissimo.

I cannot choose my score. But I know

You haven’t planned an unfinished symphony.

You complete what You designed

You had in mind both lyrics and chords

selected in advance for my musical score.

Magnificent Maestro—You have the floor.


What's more—I don't perform alone.

The orchestra of life has many players

not only me whose melody You blend in

to achieve Your perfect harmony.


But the finale is assured:

The ovation is for YOU, not me!

The "Hallelujah Chorus" echoes

throughout all Eternity.