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11/30/2020 3:37:00 PM BY Leona Choy

A Fresh Slice of Daily Bread

So went the song crooned by some pop star in days gone by. Yes, and it's DARK OUTSIDE too. Literally dark 24/7 in some parts of the world, and virtually dark in our present experience while in our second wave of lockdown.

Polar Night is the annual phenomenon in certain regions of the Arctic and Antarctic circles. In 2020 the sun set at 1:30 pm on November 11 in the United States' northernmost town and it won't rise again for another 66 days in Utqiagvik, Alaska, formerly known as Barrow. The sunrise date will be January 23. By then it'll be 2021 and someone will have been inaugurated president on the 20th. Will the U.S. have an available COVID-19 vaccine by then? Will we still be in pandemic mode? Will the United States still be united? Only God knows whatever else will have happened in this dark winter interim period.

In this country since election night we are in our own Polar Night of uncertainty, confusion, fear, anxiety—like no other.

Even the use of that word lockdown sounds more ominous than the previous use of the gentler term sheltered-in-place. We are beginning to squirm under more and more authoritarian control and restrictions to our freedoms. These are slipping away almost unnoticed while we are forced aside while tremendous changes are being enacted outside “in the darkness” at warp speed.

We may be deliberately “kept in the dark” virtually in our mandated hideaways during this equally dark period. The media doesn't pierce the darkness for us accurately. Issues are clouded and reporting is slanted, dictated by the resetters. We are propelled to discouragement and fear of the future. What will our country and our private world look like when the darkness lifts?

Some Alaskans prepare for Polar Night by taking Vitamin D supplements and try to circumvent becoming victim to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or a (Spiritual Attitude of Despair) which many experience as a form of mental depression in climates where there is little sunlight. In the natural world the sun is hidden, but if our focus is steadfast on the Son of God, Jesus, that spiritual “D” (Divine) vitamin will sustain us.

Some of us have been deceiving ourselves that eventually we will emerge unscathed back into our previously familiar world, everything will be normal again, and we will live happily ever after. Nothing can be further from reality. We are being “held under house arrest” as it were, while all things are being reset outside in the dark. If we try to find out, we are placated with the pretense that it is all happening for our own good as protection from the pandemic.

We can't “read the lips” nor the intentions of the people we encounter. Are they friend or foe? Nor can we identify the movers and shakers who are doing the resetting because they are hidden behind the masks. Masks are being encouraged as fashion statements to match our attire. More and more masks are becoming in-your-face billboards with propaganda reset slogans written on them.

Could it be that little by little the resetters are counting on our eyes becoming accustomed to the new darkness during the current 66 virtual Polar Night period before the Inauguration? Are we being conditioned to accept the reset changes? When we emerge we may find that our American patriotism is out-of-date. Our allegiance is no longer to be pledged to the flag but we are to salute global loyalties rather than our national interests. While we are quietly sequestered, our religious practices have been eroded and deemed non-essential. The numbers of people allowed to assemble for religious observance is being reduced not only to the point of being ridiculous but to be unacceptable. Meanwhile, full reign is given to irate mobs who destroy property and do physical violence. Must we simply stand by and let it happen?

Our children are suffering from remote learning, erratic educational opportunities and brainwashed to obey online instructions from virtual strangers. Our sacred and secular traditions and history are being rewritten and the statues and monuments which prod our memories are toppled. Our population is being systematically reduced by the elimination of the next generation through abortion. The voices of our elderly with the wisdom of their years are being silenced and their numbers gradually diminished through separation from their families and distancing from the general population.

Our biblical and traditional moral values are regarded with contempt. Our Constitutional freedoms are being quietly but firmly discarded and socialism is offered a welcome mat. Are we so willingly allowing ourselves to be taken captive by the same forces of social dismantling that proved to be the downfall of other nations and cultures?

We must stay awake during this prolonged critical transition of our virtual Polar Night between Election Day and the 2021 Inauguration. Jesus' instructions are “Watch and Pray.” Let us pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit to distinguish between so-called “conspiracy theories,” ways in which we are being deliberately deceived and controlled, and the valid forward movement of progress and change. Jesus declared that His Kingdom is not of this world, yet He calls us to live wisely in this ever-changing scenario with His reign in our hearts and His agenda to bring all men to Himself.

Jesus warned that “night is coming when no man can work.” During the thick darkness of this unique Polar Night time of our current season, the Holy Spirit can give God's people spiritual NVG (Night Vision Goggles) to perceive and steadfastly follow His Way and Truth and Life. “God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5).