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Will We Need Cell Phones In Heaven?



1/19/2022 6:44:00 PM BY Leona Choy

I can't believe I've dared to tackle the subject of the WEATHER! Well, here goes. We should understand it as part of our Christian worldview. The weather happens CONTINUALLY. Our lives depend on how it acts. Since it affects us all wherever we live on this whirling globe, it's still the most common topic of CONVERSATION. Weather- people on TV are limited to forecasting the weather, reporting the weather, describing the weather, discussing how to prepare for the weather, and measuring its changes throughout history. But that's their limit.

The weather is a CONTROVERSIAL topic, a mystery. Inquiring minds want to know who is responsible for it? After a disaster, people argue and want to find out “Who did this devastation?” Who's behind it all?

Is the weather CONTROLLABLE? We can control our personal atmosphere indoors with a thermostat now, something our grandparents wouldn't have imagined possible. When I was born, the new invention in universal demand was the electric fan—long before anyone dreamed of air-conditioning. We survived. And we've come a long way to dealing with the weather.

The weather is CHANGING before our very eyes. It has always seemed temperamental, but in God's timeline, it may be later than we think. We need to wake up to the reality of the biblical prophetic hour and the weather violence that is forecast to accompany it.

What are the factors that affect the weather? I tried to dig beneath the surface to research the topic for you. It took me a good while! There seem to be more questions than answers. Let's put up an umbrella and explore together to see if we can make some sense of the climate chaos we are beginning to experience.

Factor in the Almighty CREATOR-GOD's involvement with the weather. What is the Bible's view of the subject? Does God intervene in the weather through human prayers? Could natural calamities be judgments from God for the collective moral and societal sins of mankind? Our nation is about as low as it can get on the scale of depravity and evil and rebellion against God and His will for mankind.

Many occasions are recorded in the Old Testament where it states, “And God caused....” That's hard for us to wrap our minds around. How could a good God initiate or permit the record-breaking tornado losses, wildfires out of control, deadly hurricanes, unbelievable drought, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, torrential rains, floods, and other natural phenomena with the ensuing loss of masses of innocent life?

God created the universe and set in motion the laws of nature on our Planet (Genesis 1:1). Most natural disorders are a result of these laws at work through divergent weather patterns and the condition of the Planet itself.

At the same time, the Bible declares that Jesus Christ holds all of nature together. (Colossians 1:16-17) All power is given to Him. His power over nature is well-documented. So in times of catastrophe, do we conclude that He is asleep in our boat? Could God prevent natural disasters? Absolutely! Does God sometimes influence the weather? With one word from Jesus, the wind and the sea obeyed Him. He walked on water.

The mega-frenzy about man's responsibility for climate control is futile. Throughout our Planet's history, global temperatures have risen and fallen naturally. But its extremes have never become too hot or too cold for life to exist. God's forethought wrapped our Planet Earth in a protective blanket of air, a delicate mixture of gases called the atmosphere. We may sing the classic hymn “This is my Father's world...” but are you aware who presently is in charge of what happens in that atmosphere?

Factor in the power and dominion of Satan. It may come as a shock to find out that Satan was given dominion of this Planet by God. He is described as the “prince of the power of the air” in Ephesians 2:2. He does have limited control over Earth including its atmospheric weather. It became his temporary field of influence after he was kicked out of Heaven by God for a real insurrection or rebellion when he tried to overthrow God's government.

When the weather becomes wild and destructive and the worst-case scenario is upon us, is Satan then its legitimate source? Scripture declares that whatever influence Satan and his demon angels have over weather or the airwaves is restricted by God's ultimate sovereignty. No reason to fear; the devil is a defeated, fallen angel and not divine or omnipotent. (2 Thessalonians 2:6-11)

Satan's impact on the weather is only by God's permission and for a purpose as in the case of Job's story in the Old Testament. Satan asked for and received permission from God to test Job's loyalty to God, even to use “the fire of God” (possibly lightning) which "fell from the sky and burned up his sheep and the servants" (Job 1:16). This was followed by a "mighty wind" (possibly a tornado) that destroyed his home and killed his children (verses 18,19). If the fire from heaven and the tornado were directly or indirectly caused by Satan, they were still under the supreme control of God for His purposes.

Factor in man's attempt to manipulate the forces of nature on a global scale. Man can't control the weather in the atmosphere. Or can he? Daring scientists are experimenting. Geo-engineering to use weather as a weapon in modern-day warfare, a hot topic on the front burner of some secret military chambers. Whose territory are we attempting to invade? Are we trying to challenge an adversary who cooks up the weather? Who will win that contest? Climate change has always affected the weather. It has kept changing throughout history. It has a major impact on our world and all living things, including us. There is no way to stop climate change or control it—that's God's domain.

On the other hand, are nature's storms throughout history, which cause widespread damage and loss of life, “acts of God,” as insurance agencies call them when nature goes berserk? This we can count on: God is always behind the curtain, even when Satan seems to be in center stage.

Factor in human suffering from nature's devastations. Suffering for the Christian, whether caused by fellow man or by events in nature, is never meaningless. Since God chose to permit man to exercise free will, evil people will commit evil acts and the weather will do what it will. We live in a fallen, groaning world. Can anyone say they fully understand why evil acts or natural disasters happen? Nevertheless, we can be sure that in all our trials and tribulations God is working all things together for His glory and for our everlasting good (Romans 8:18-28).

Factor in the suffering of the natural world itself. God created the Earth to reflect the consequences of sin. Romans 8:19-21 tells us, “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed...in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage...and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” The increase in natural turmoil demonstrates that all creation is groaning. Earth itself is longing for its redemption, for the new heavens and new earth promised by God.

Factor in biblical prophecy, especially the words of Jesus Himself, the Creator and Sustainer of the Heavens and Planet Earth and the entire universe. Jesus spoke clearly that in the “end times” we can expect disruptive, breath-taking, fearsome signs in the atmosphere on a scale never before seen in the heavens above and in the earth beneath. (Matthew 16: 35) The Bible forewarns that the natural disorders leading to “the Day of the Lord,” can be expected to intensify, to magnify, to increase in frequency, and to occur in overwhelming clusters to the degree that men's hearts will fail them for fear. That includes the weather.

Here are the current weather trends: Heatwaves have become more frequent, longer, and more intense, threatening crops, animals, and people. Hurricanes are becoming more powerful, driven by warmer oceans. Coastal areas are at greater risk. Intense rainstorms and flooding have become more common. As ocean temperatures rise, so does evaporation. Extra water vapor in the air leads to more rain and snow.

Droughts are becoming more intense and occur more often in formerly fertile areas. With less water in the soil to evaporate into the air, there is less rainfall. Droughts, floods, and forest fires reduce global food and water supplies.

As temperatures warm, ice melts at Earth's poles in Antarctica and Greenland with global impact. Sea levels are on the rise: Melting causes the ice sheets to slide into the ocean, and as freshwater enters the ocean, sea levels rise. Flooding is already increasing along many coastal areas; over the next century, these areas will become submerged.

The oceans help control the climate by absorbing huge amounts of heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As climate changes, so will ocean waters. These, in turn, threaten fish, marine creatures, and animals dependent on the stable chemistry of the water. As that changes, the human food supply from oceans disappears.

Can we draw any conclusions? Do the questions I raised above have answers our finite minds can understand? Can man change the natural conditions and the laws of nature in our world? Does he dare to try? Can prayer change natural events? Are you settled in your own mind who is “behind the curtain” when natural disasters occur?

We trust in a good God. His plans for His children are loving and purposeful. He doesn't do anything or allow anything to happen just randomly. Sovereignly, He can and does bring great good out of terrible tragedies. Happenings in the natural world beyond our control force us to think about eternity and our mortality—how fragile and transient our lives are, how we can lose our lives in an instant. It is a loud call to evaluate our priorities and hold our possessions loosely.

Although the weather remains a mystery, this we know: “The present heavens and earth will pass away.” (2 Peter 3:10-13) All things will eventually be destroyed; ultimately, all we possess will be gone. But God has incredible and wonderful plans for new heavens and earth that are eternal. And we have eternal souls that at the resurrection will be reunited with our bodies and we will take up residence as glorious bodies in a perfect environment. No disruption from a defeated devil whom Jesus dispatched to his infernal end!

And we will be weatherproof!