Butterfly Briefs

Butterfly Briefs #1 Launching Pad to our dreams
6/18/2018 5:25:00 PM by: Leona Choy

Let's start at the beginning. Some people dislike writing in any form. I'm not addressing them here. I hope they like to read, however, because the second part of my website is specifically for them. Also for you writers, of course—I take for granted that those who write also love to read.

Butterfly Briefs and my coaching are targeted for folks who love writing and want to learn better skills. I'm here to encourage you who feel you are born to write, who express yourselves naturally and joyfully in prose or poetry. You can't help writing.

Some of you have longed to write more seriously but you have been delayed or detoured by career, jobs or family responsibilities. Years stealthily crept by. Never mind. You are never too young or too calendar-challenged to start writing for God's glory, if you feel a gift arising in you or God is giving you a nudge or a dream. 

For your encouragement I offer you my thoughts below.


Leona Choy

I have some dreams, Lord
leftover dreams from early years
just hanging there in midair
whose strings I can't let go
some goals that I can't meet
desires of my heart of hearts
plans I can't complete.
I wonder now—
were they even meant
for fulfillment?

Perhaps some are my own
foolish fantasies, hot-air balloons of self
launched from the platform
of my puny pride. Is my chief distress
that they'll come hissing down
to my embarrassment
without accomplishment?

Then teach me relinquishment
to cut the strings
of those inappropriate dreams
and self-ambitious things
to let them go and not despair
surrender them to Your sovereign care
and be content to leave them there.

if perchance the dreams are meant
by Your Divine intent
to come to reality
for Your glory, not mine
inspire me, enable me, my Lord
to pursue them relentlessly
if need be
all the way from here to Eternity!

 Let's not waste any more time. As writers who are Christians, let's leave our caterpillar days and years behind and emerge from our chrysalis. It's time to dry our new butterfly wings and take the risk of flying in the garden of publishing in the company of other butterfly Christians who are writing for the Supreme Editor!

I hope you’ve been inspired by my latest book Writing For the Supreme Editor. Let your writer friends know they can order through this website.

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