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First book in a healthcare trilogy



Jumping Illness Hurdles


Why is this happening to me?


We all face an illness or an accident at some time in our lives. Are You Mad At Me, God? is the first of a series of three popular spin-off mini-books. It has been reprinted several times and ordered in quantity by churches and by individual friends of people who have become ill or are facing surgery. It focuses on the initial response, questions, fears and apprehensions of a person who is suffering some physical disorder that needs medical or surgical intervention. This is a meaningful and welcome gift to encourage someone who is ill to trust in God.

Questions we may struggle with are, Is God behind this or is Satan? What, if anything, can I do about it? Can I make it through what may be ahead of me? The author walks the reader through the first attempts to discover meaning and purpose in physical distress.

Hospital Gowns Don't Have Pockets! is the mother-ship book from which three shorter books evolved like cell division. Each of the three parts of the original book has become a separate, user-friendly book targeted to what a patient is dealing with at that particular point.

The middle book, Dancing in Bed, My Hospital Classroom, addresses the nitty-gritty mid-point in the illness/surgery saga—making one's way through the hospitalization. The author doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she puts on her hospital slippers to walk with you through your illness adventure.

Optimistic and realistic, the third spin-off book, Recovery and Reentry, A New Normal, assists the patient to step carefully through the mental, emotional and spiritual minefield that may lie on his road to restoration.

Original artwork was created especially for these books by artist Gail Waeber. GG the bunny offers Personal Workout questions at the end of each chapter. His image scampers throughout the books along with Nurse Meow, the solicitous feline attendant, to offer a light touch of humor while addressing serious, sometimes life-threatening circumstances.


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