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Back-Stories Introduction

I love my readers!  I'm happy you are one of them. Without you, my books would remain in cases in my storage area and wouldn't be out there blessing you. I don't write books to make money selling them. I write my books for you and your needs and your interests.

I write because I believe God has given me something to share with you through my study of His Word and life experience. I want to lift your spirits and encourage you along life's way. I write to be your cheerleader.

Some of you were given one of my books by a friend or relative or you heard about a certain title and ordered a copy. Perhaps someone loaned you their copy of one of my books and then you ordered your own because you wanted to highlight some of the ideas that were meaningful to you.

I write primarily niche books. Niche is pronounced nitche, not neech. Niche publishing means writing to a very specific, tightly defined, focused audience. For instance, my trilogy of books on the loss of a loved one is not written for those experiencing general grief, but specifically for a Christian woman who has suffered the loss of her husband. Not for a widower, or for the loss of a parent or child, or the loss of a job, one's health, a friendship, a financial loss, etc. Those are also true losses over which we grieve. Niche writing enables me to focus on a special readership.

I believe that among all of my titles I have a book or many books that would interest or inspire or help you. If you go to BOOKSTORE on this site and don't find the particular book that could meet your need—or the book you are looking for to give a friend, let me know. Your suggestion may be the next one I'm going to write, Lord willing.

In this READERS' CORNER I plan to lift the curtain and let you in on what was behind the writing of each of my 45 plus published books and foreign language translations. When you know the “back story” I believe that particular book will take on new meaning for you and you will want to introduce it to your friends.

I love to hear from my readers! Please email me and let me know whether and how a certain book I've written has meant something to you.  I hope to reply to each of you as time allows—every reader is important to me. Any time you want your book order signed, just let me know with your order.