Writers Corner


I hope to help release a new generation of butterfly Christian writers taking off in flight!

I use the analogy of aspiring writers eventually becoming like butterflies after developing from a lowly egg, hatching into a caterpillar, going through the chrysalis stage, and ultimately completing the mysterious metamorphosis cycle to fly freely on their own beautiful wings.

As hopeful dreamers and "wannabes" we start as tiny eggs, full of potential with no idea what lies ahead. We respond to the nudge of God to break out of our inertia into a lowly, hungry caterpillar.

All writers start that way. A beginning writer's main job is to "eat" to build himself up for the next stage by learning his craft, discerning God's call to write, and continuing to crawl forward.

Next, most writers experience the chrysalis stage. Nothing outwardly seems to be happening. We feel static, alone, getting nowhere. We are being formed in the darkness for the surprise that is looming ahead!

Everything takes time and struggle. With patience and the help of the Creator of this splendid process, the butterfly that was destined comes forth: the butterfly writer takes off. He successfully and professionally communicates; his work begins to be published.  He realizes the potential that God put within him as a caterpillar. An awesome experience!

What is your mission should you choose to accept it? To pollinate your circle of influence with the Good News of the Kingdom of God in whatever genre of writing you communicate.

Get in touch with me if you want to discuss your writing. I’d love to know about your progress and help you move to the next level in your writing dream!