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Syntax Surgery



This book is a user-friendly instructional Guide to assist writers in self-editing their manuscriipts. Self-editing is a valuable skill to accelerate their sprint toward becoming successfully published.

Leona wrote this DIY Guide to save the aspiring writer money! If an author wants to publish a quality, meaningful book, sooner or later he will be paying for editorial services. The charges will not be nearly as high when the writer has submitted a thoroughly self-edited manuscript.

SYNTAX SURGERY is a companion mini-book to Leona’s FAN THE FLAME: Pursue Your Writing Dream. In that book she challenges Christian writers to stir up their gift from God and sharpen their creative skills to communicate for Him in the marketplace. She explores the distinctives of writers who are Christians and encourages them to follow their dream of becoming published.

The flagship book of Leona’s Creative Christian Writing Series is WRITING FOR THE SUPREME EDITOR: My Wordsmithing Life. In this autobiographical sequel she traces the history of writing from primitive times to its present electronic expansion and our opportunity as writers who are Christians to advance God’s Kingdom in our generation. She provides an overview of her own lifetime of writing and publishing and gives the backstory of her writings.


$5.95 plus S/H