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Curtain Call
Leona's Reflections Christiana Tsai + Mary Leaman

I drew on more than 30 years of dramatic events and relationships I shared with two celebrated Christian ladies, Christiana Tsai and “China Mary” Leaman. I pretended to be interviewed. Here I am pictured with Christiana Tsai way back when these events took place:

Why should I be interviewed? Because I'm the only surviving member of the co-founders of Ambassadors For Christ, Inc. The two celebrated people, the Misses Tsai and Leaman, were the benefactors of the mission property given to the organization. They figured largely in the birth of this para-church mission 55 years ago. I wrote this book to preserve for history some insights and facts that wouldn't be known if I didn't write them.

I visualized a stage on which an impressive lifelong drama had been performed and the actors were called back on stage to take their bows. In reality, the starring actresses had left for Heaven almost 35 years ago. Would you like to know the backstory of how I developed this theme?