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Third book in the healthcare trilogy


Journey to My New Normal

RETURNING HOME TO RECOVER is sometimes like being in a space craft reentering Earth's atmosphere. The astronauts must acclimate themselves gradually. In some ways they will never be the same because the traumatic experience in an unfamiliar environment has assaulted their bodies and minds.

We too may feel like we are thrust back into a situation that is different from the one pre-hospital—and we are not the same either. We must align ourselves to embrace a new normal.

Coming home is often a psychological blow to one's raw emotions. Depression lurks around every corner. Fatigue surprises you without notice. Tears may erupt without a heads-up.

Deep questions still linger. Will I ever be completely well? Will my illness return? Did God bring this on me or is it the devil's doing?

Original artwork by artist Gail Waeber features GG the bunny patient who offers Personal Workout questions at the end of each chapter. His image scampers through the pages along with Nurse Meow, the solicitous feline attendant.

Hospital Gowns Don't Have Pockets! is the mother-ship book from which a series of three mini-books has evolved like cell division. Each of the three parts of the original book has become a separate user-friendly book targeted to what a patient is dealing with at a particular point in his illness.

The first popular spin-off mini-book is Are You Mad at Me, God? Jumping Illness Hurdles. It focuses on the initial response, questions, fears and apprehensions of a person who has been informed of some physical disorder that needs medical or surgical intervention.

The middle book, Dancing in Bed, My Hospital Classroom, addresses the nitty-gritty mid-point in the illness/surgery saga—negotiating the hospitalization adventure.

Looking on the light side while addressing serious, sometimes life-threatening circumstances, this third spin-off book, Recovery and Reentry, A New Normal, assists the patient to step carefully through the minefield that may lie on his road to recover health.

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