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Author: Leona Choy

Meditations for "Seasoned Saints"

Packed into this book's 231 pages are some of "The best of . . . "  five years of radio broadcasts by the author, Leona Choy. They were first aired as programs over WTRM-FM the Southern Light Gospel Music Network, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia  under the program title Living It UP!

Her voice reached thousands in the surrounding states and by satellite up-link when first broadcast. Many of Leona's daily, uplifting programs which generated enthusiastic response from listeners are now available in this book.

Uplifting, short, topical selections for sojourners in "prime time years," they encourage new horizons of attitudes and faith. The meditations are designed to motivate the reader to continue living for and serving the Lord all the way to The Father’s House. These tasty, encouraging, spiritual morsels are designed to nourish the Christian’s daily walk in Christ.

The author shares her heart and experiences of mature years to cover a wide range of subjects. The selections are suitable both for individual devotional reading and also church programs for seniors. Excellent as a gift book both for those who are home-bound and for active mature in age Christians in the mainstream of life.

Original contemporary poems by Leona related to the topics are interspersed throughout the book. She encourages "seasoned" readers to keep growing and climbing more spiritual mountains.

Some intriguing titles are Off Your Rocker, Toss the Weights Overboard, Slippery Ropes, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Not Another Hill, Naturally Aged, Spiritual Hinds' Feet, I'm Not Nobody, Pushing the Replay Button, God's Sandpaper, God's Dermatitis, Rescued Driftwood and On the Sidelines.

Playing With Masks, Emotional Yo-Yo's, Raining on Parades, Sky Gazing, At Your Wits' End, Go For the Gold, The Importance of Whatevers, How to Prevent Rusting and Caught Up in Boredom will give you a second helping to share with someone else who needs a spirit-lift.

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