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Author: Leona Choy


Strength From the Rock


Leona offers 73 power-packed daily spiritual meditations in a user-friendly format for Christian women who have lost their spouses.

The theme of these popular reflections is clearly that the widow can't depend on her own courage and stamina to survive and adjust and move on to what the Lord has in store for the rest of her life.

Leona guides the reader through the unfamiliar tunnel of grieving with the warm light of God's sure promises centered on the themes of might, strength, and power—things which a widow might have in short supply as she adjusts to her unfamiliar new role.

In this companion book to Singled Out For God's Assignment, Leona tags each bite-sized devotional with a different “Honey From the ROCK” Bible verse and a related sentence prayer. The “widow's true might” is only found in the ROCK, Jesus, our God, our Strength, our Fortress and Stronghold.

Leona maintains that God has “singled out,” chosen and lovingly appointed the widow who is a Christian for a continuing life assignment. She offers these daily thoughts to strengthen, encourage, and help the woman alone toward a joyful, meaningful life that will please the Lord.

From her own experience and the Scriptures, Leona distills God's principles to cover the whole gamut of emotions, struggles, uncertainties, and opportunities that widows might experience. She discovered, lived and journaled these thoughts from God's Word in the early years of her widowhood. She offers them to help sustain and encourage her sisters who are traveling a similar road.

Because these devotionals are served in small, daily portions, they do not have to be read in sequence. Nor is this a quick “read it in one sitting” book. The reader may find it of comfort to keep it by her bedside or near her favorite relaxing chair, or on the kitchen table. The singled-out woman may select topics she needs at the moment and let God's Spirit internalize them in her heart and life.


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Leona deliberately writes in the intimacy of the first person “I” so that the reader can “share the same skin” with her and put herself into the “I” position. The reader will find herself returning again and again to this exceptional book and be eager to introduce it to her friends.