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PSALMS OF MY HARVEST Confessions of a Psalmist

Confessions of a Psalmist


LEONA CHOY confesses to being a lifelong Psalmist.

Don't confuse her with a “palmist” who attempts to tell your fortune by reading your palm. She doesn't read palms; she composes psalms.

From her childhood she has been expressing in verse her life experiences and God-experiences throughout the spring and summer of her long life. Her anthologies and books of contemporary poetry attest to her prolific output.

Although her primary genre of writing for publication is non-fiction, she has always thought and verbalized herself in poetry that reflects her own style.

You will not mistake Leona's poetry for run-of-the-mill rhymed and metered greeting card verse. She takes her own path less traveled by writing contemporary free verse full of similes, metaphors, figurative language and poetic devices.

Her point is never obscure or preachy. You never wonder what she is getting at. You will find her poems definitely memorable and quotable.

This collection is unique in that it expresses Leona's life observations during her joyful autumn years, what she calls her calendar-challenged season. She writes from her life “summit” as she terms it.

These are definitely “vintage Leona” compositions, her hymnbook of “Psalms to the King.” Many are unsophisticated prayers about ordinary matters and dialogues with God reflective of her accumulated wisdom as a nonagenarian. At times whimsical, then pensive, then humorous about a potpourri of topics, her poems stem from her encounters with life at her personal harvest time—the best wine appears to have been saved until last.

Like a harvester, she has gathered together for this volume some of the most encored of her “psalms-poems” which she has shared through the years on her radio broadcast Living it Up and the favorites of viewers of her popular blog:

She offers to the reader “Psalms of Wisdom, Psalms of My Heritage, of My Private World, of The Spirit, of Creation, and of My Wordsmithing.” Your appetite will be stimulated for more when you savor a sample from this in-gathering of Leona's harvest psalms. You can tell she delights in Psalming!


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