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Why Me? What Now?

Discovering Meaning in Physical Distress


“Nobody doesn't need this book!”

We tend to think that illnesses, accidents and surgeries happen to other people not us! However, most of us don't live out our lives without a hospital experience of some sort. Few reach Medicare age without some kind of an outpatient or inpatient event—biopsy, -oscopy, x-ray, blood profile or other diagnostic “goodies.”   It comes with the package of our mortal life on Planet Earth.

Cheer up! Hospitals are ideal places not only for bodily repair but excellent classrooms for soul-searching and life evaluation.

In this book Leona explores whether there is meaning in physical distress for the Christian. The principles are equally applicable to illness that doesn't necessarily lead to hospitalization. The author takes the reader from initial questions and struggles of illness right through hospital adventures and the potholes and adjustments of recovery.

At the end of each chapter, she offers thoughtful “Personal Workout” questions for reflection or group discussion based on topics just covered.

We wrestle with questions like: Who caused my illness, God or Satan? What did I do to deserve this? Can God heal me? Will He? Should I exercise faith, oppose the devil, or refuse to accept my illness? Could my life be over? Is this a test from God?

What's the worst case scenario? For what purpose might God be bringing this into my life? Is my illness a friend or an enemy? Why does God seem so far away when I need Him most? What if I can't get through this?

Leona maintains that God has a purpose for all that He allows us to go through. She includes a “Back of the Book” section for readers to make sure their faith in God is intact when they march through hospital doors. Also included is information about Living Will decisions and other valuable resources.

A major part of the book deals with the recovery period in which Leona shares sound biblical, psychological, and health counsel with a hint of humor. “What ifs” are met head on. No pussy-footing over questions like, “What happens if I have to live an un-whole life without freedom from pain for the rest of my life?” “How can I still please God and be useful to Him while gazing at the ceiling from my bed?”

Leona doesn't write theoretically. She knows what it is to walk in hospital slippers. Her very first encounter with the O.R. was a biggie—lung cancer surgery “out of the blue.” A life-changing experience, she claims in hindsight, that has proved invaluable.

The text is enhanced by the cartoon-like original illustrations of artist Gail Waeber, who created “GG the Bunny” who hops through the pages with the reader attended by “Miss Meow” the nurse—a charming, light touch for a book that struggles with serious matters.

Some chapter titles are: Jumping Over Hurdles, No Wheeling or Dealing, Dancing in Bed, Are We Having Fun Yet? Going Through Spiritual College, Is There Life After Hospital?, Oil in My Water, Bench Warming Lessons, Can I add Cubits?


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