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by Ted Choy with Leona Choy

I began my cross-cultural adventure in 1947 as a young bride of 21 from a Czech heritage marrying into a Chinese Christian family.

I knew my late husband Ted Choy for 49 years from the time he was a young seminarian. We were classmates at Wheaton College. During the 46 years of our marriage (and parenting four sons) he served God in many ways: as pastor of a church plant first in Hong Kong and then in Washington, D.C, as seminary teacher, as a pioneer in university campus ministry. During his retirement I traveled with him as he fulfilled his dreams for extended witness journeys in China after the door reopened.

Whenever we traveled, Ted asked me to take notes for him on his experiences, his impressions and the people we were privileged to meet, especially the faithful, persecuted Christians in Communist China who suffered during the Cultural Revolution. I knew the people he knew and I shared his dreams and visions. I knew and loved his parents and siblings and extended family from having lived with them.

After his passing, I wrote his biography MY DREAMS AND VISIONS from his notes and tape recordings and my recollections to preserve the slice of history through which he lived. Many of the facts about his childhood years in a small village in South China during the early days of Christian missions would be lost if this book were not in print. He wanted to share those historic memories with his siblings, 10 brothers and sisters, and their progeny and ours, as a testimony to God's goodness and blessing on our families through many generations.

The first edition was immediately sold out. Although it was still requested, it remained out of print. I was impressed that the fullness of time to reprint it was 2016 which would have been Ted's 100th anniversary of his birth in Swatow (Shantou), China. I believe he would want this book in print again.

It was a great honor for me to accompany Ted several times to visit his grandmother's grave in their home village. The story of her conversion is in the book. She was one of the first Christians in Swatow and the revered matriarch of the Choy family. How privileged I felt to visit their home village, his birthplace, his school and church.

New generations have been born since this book's first publication. The information it contains becomes all the more valuable and fascinating reading for Christians at large who are concerned for world witness.