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TOUCHING CHINA Close Encounters of the Christian Kind
Author: Leona Choy


TOUCHING CHINA: Close Encounters of the Christian Kind

Fasten your seat belts for fast-paced, fascinating reading as Leona shares insights from her own journeys to China, her lifelong ministry among Chinese people, and her extensive research.

Explore with her the explosive growth of the church in China...the lifestyles of China's people...the tension of ideologies as East confronts the China is building on a moral “earthquake fault”...and dramatic after-shocks that have continued through the years since the Tienanmen Square affair.

Through careful documentation, a wealth of resources, and sheer spiritual inspiration, Leona motivates her readers to seek meaningful “close encounters of the Christian kind” themselves.

In his Foreword, Dr. David Adeney wrote, “Leona has the great gift of presenting a tremendous amount of information in extremely readable form.  Her sources are firsthand and her resources extensive. This book will surely be required reading, not only for those who hope to visit or serve in China, but in the years to come for world Christians trying to understand the multi-faceted China situation in their generation.”

Leona Choy navigates the reader through China's long history. She explores the impact of the missionary era, providing insights into the forbidden-contact years and the continuing democracy movement.

Through intriguing glimpses into the lifestyles of different age groups in China today, she analyzes the startling moral collapse resulting in part from contacts with the materialistic West and modernization and capitalism.

We listen with Leona to Chinese Christians recounting God's intervention and nurture under persecution resulting in the amazing growth of the church without outside missionary help. She traces political and religious currents in China and where they may lead.

Based on the continuing openness in international relations and business and economy, the author sensitively presents creative ways for Western Christians to wisely share their faith with Chinese people both in China and in our own communities.

She explores the use of marketable skills and professional credentials to serve in China, and surveys opportunities for study in China, tourism, and friendship witness to our Chinese neighbors and Chinese students in our universities in this country.

A unique Back of the Book section provides an extensive list of agencies and other resources related to China, a brief introduction to the Chinese language, a “Who's Who” (or rather who was) and a Glossary of Chinese terms. Her abundant quotes from China's own media enhance the text.

Particularly valuable are the concluding chapters examining the integrity of our own motivation, biblical mandate, and purity of message as World Christians.  An outstanding feature of this book is the front cover art and the inclusion of 25 original, full-page illustrations by artists in China—expressive portraits of China's people.

No matter what changes have taken place in China since this book was written, it will expand our information about China's history and progress and appreciation of China's courageous people. Above all, it should inspire our prayer concern.


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