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DVD of Christiana Tsai and China Background

To the many friends who are ordering the outstanding new collection of all three of CHRISTIANA TSAI's books under one cover titled,QUEEN OF THE DARK CHAMBER:

Of course, as you read this dramatic book, you can use your vivid imagination to visualize Christiana in her growing up years during the last days of the Qing Dynasty in China, her wartime experiences, her travels, and her worldwide ministry in person. And then you can imagine you are one of the flood of visitors from all over the world who were drawn to the Lord through her 50 years of bedridden confinement...However...Here's something to supplement your imagination....

Through this new DVD, "WALKING IN THE LIGHT," in virtual reality you can GO TO CHINA and GO TO PARADISE, PENNSYLVANIA, to SEE her, HEAR her voice in recording, and enjoy a "YOU ARE THERE" authentic experience!

Professionally produced and narrated in the Chinese language, (Not to worry—there are English Subtitles) you will be able to step back in time and enter into Christiana's life visually. Although she has long ago gone to her heavenly reward, you will actually be able to listen to her voice as she invites you into her dark chamber and shares her life-motto with you: Despite all of her adversities, limitations, and prolonged illness, she never asked the Lord WHY He allowed them in her life, but asked, "WHAT can I do for You, Lord?” 

Order the DVD along with your order for the “Queen of the Dark Chamber” book directly from Ambassadors For Christ, (Inquire whether a combo discount is available from AFC.) 

This thrilling missionary book and DVD are excellent resources for your book club, church event, or small group meeting.

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