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Shout-out for my graphic artists
Friday, February 15, 2019 by Leona Choy

Publishers, bookstore managers, agents, marketers and sales reps agree that a book’s cover can make or break an otherwise great book. They say that it is worth however much it costs to produce a super one.

Not many of us have the graphic arts skills and computer smarts to do our own covers. Where can an independent author or self-publisher find one who will work with you to provide a full-color book cover that will give your book outstanding pick-up, eye-catching value?

A book cover serves as an introduction to the reader of what the author offers in its pages. The text you choose for the back cover is your prime chance to convince your potential reader. Both front and back covers need to “speak.” Take a look at my book covers in the BOOKSTORE section of this web site to see what can be done with just a seed idea conveyed to the right graphic artist. It might take as many as a half-dozen or more drafts back and forth by email between you and your graphic person to come up with what you have in mind.

Recently, for the specialized work I needed for covers of several of my new books, I found three professionals who were able to follow through on my ideas. To call them “artists” is no overstatement! They are able to provide you with a portfolio of their past work and you will know their hourly charges up front.

I highly recommend Tanya Turner, Adam Kung and Shirley Ngai and give them my personal SHOUT-OUT for composing the covers which you can view on my web site HOME PAGE.

If you are in need of a graphic designer with experience, get in touch with me and I will introduce you.

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