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Author: Leona Choy

Discoveries of a New Catholic Christian

This second book of Leona's Land of MORE Trilogy is a natural sequel to the first which chronicled her journey into the Church. She endeavors to answer the question, What were those first few years like as a new Catholic Christian?

The short answer is that they launched her into a further fruitful, active, and exciting season of spiritual discovery.

Leona responds to such questions as:

Did her advanced age keep her from enjoying the new treasures?

Did she have to leave behind her entire lifetime evangelical Christian backpack of former precious treasures?

Were there cross-cultural adjustments in the new Catholic world as there had been when she was living in a new culture in China?

What was the mother-lode of treasure she found?

Here are some of Leona's provocative chapter titles:

Following the Treasure Map
Setting Out in the New Terrain
The Family Treasure Chest
Unpacking Our Treasures
Sorting True from False Treasures
Defending Our Treasures
My Place in the Kingdom of Treasures
Seeking the Mystic Treasures
Digging for Deeper Treasures
Finding Pearls of Great Price
Treasures Spilling Over
The Power to Seek Treasures
A Sack of Gold Nuggets
The Promised Land of Endless MORE
Still More Hidden Treasures


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