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Upon listener request, some of Leona Choy's most popular previously aired “live” broadcasts on radio station WTRM-FM have been transcribed to CD's and are now available. 

WE OFFER TWO SETS OF 4 CD's. Each CD is approximately 1 hour long. That amounts to more than 4 listening hours of 5 minute programs allowing you the freedom of listening at your convenience depending on your time constraints.

The title of her program was LIVING IT UP! after Leona's book of the same title which can also be ordered here. The 281 page book contains 85 of Leona's most popular programs in book form.

The First Set is titled: CELEBRATING OUR SEASON 4 CD's
The Second Set is titled: STAYING THE COURSE 4 different CD's with other topics

Although Leona's radio programs were initially produced for “mature listeners,” or “prime-timers,” the practical Christian issues she discusses prove relevant to everyone. Aren't we all eager to be “Living it UP” with Jesus who promised Life Abundant in our lives on earth as well as Life Abundant in His Presence eternally? After all, every one of us is in the process of becoming “calendar-challenged!”


$15.95 plus S/H