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Translation from English version


This popular and authentic translation of Leona Choy’s classic historical research of American Christianity in the 19th and to the mid-20th century has been SOLD OUT for some time.

By popular request, Golden Morning Publishing is moving toward a reprint in the near future. Donations are invited for the initial press run to make this much-in-demand Chinese classic available once again.

A unique feature of this Chinese version is the inclusion of a portrait of each of the noted Christian leaders who are “interviewed” in the 24 fascinating chapters. You will not need to imagine what they looked like as they “offered” their answers to specific questions about their experience with the Holy Spirit which Leona “asked” them.

“Meet” people like Andrew Murray, D.L. Moody, Hannah Whitall Smith, A.B. Simpson, and Charles Finney


This book is being used as a resource in some Bible Colleges and Seminaries in curriculum studies about early American Christianity prior to the denominational establishment of the Pentecostal movement and well before the later Charismatic renewal movement in America.

Its user-friendly and informal style is not interrupted by voluminous footnotes. Documentation is well-covered by the author in an unusually thorough Bibliography of 88 books and sources.

In fact, pre-pay when you order this book in advance and receive one of the first signed-by-author copies to roll off the press!  Hurry the process along by sending a donation for this project to PUBLISHING FUND on this website.